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prevent data loss

Prevent Data Loss with these 9 Effective Strategies in 2023

Data loss is a significant problem for businesses and will not disappear soon. In fact, data loss is estimated to cost businesses more than $600 billion per year, so preventing data loss is essential for businesses in 2023. One of the best ways to prevent data loss and avoid online scams are to have adequate

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mobile phishing attacks

How to Spot Mobile Phishing Attacks & Protect Yourself

With mobile phone users increasingly spending more time on their device, cybercriminals have taken notice and begun to develop phishing attacks specifically for mobile devices. Phishing is a type of malware that attempts to steal personal information by tricking users into revealing it through a malicious email, text message, or app. Although mobile phishing attacks

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prevent data breach

How To Prevent Data Breach: 5 Steps That Will Save You From Cyber Crime

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, cyber security solutions are more important than ever.  A data breach can have devastating consequences for your business, so it’s crucial to take steps to prevent one from happening. Fortunately, there are cyber security solutions that can help prevent these breaches.  By implementing key security measures, businesses

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